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A Melting Pot of Charm

A unique showpiece for a rare Pandora charm becomes a memorable work of art.

Pride and Passion

The rare and unique Winiper charm, created in memory of the founder of Pandora’s wife of the same name, is the combination of a bee, a giraffe and a lion. Each creature represents a characteristic – the performance of the bee, the pride of the lion and the passion of the giraffe. The brief was to create a beautiful 3D visual rationale around the origin of the rare Winiper charm. The charm is a rare and valuable piece as it is not available to the public – it is only sold to prominent Pandora employees.

The animation expresses the fusion of these traits as the 3D models are shown emerging and resubmerging into an animated melting pot and finally revealing the Winiper charm itself. The HOLO IGNITE – our one-sided display will be set into a wall at Pandora’s head office in Sydney, creating a unique visual illusion and entranceway showpiece – highlighting the versatile nature in which our units can be displayed.


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