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Demonstrating what Boral does – first hand!

There’s no other opportunity like it. Without stepping foot out onto the worksite, Boral brings the experience of road resurfacing to their clients in a fun, informative way – virtual reality! And to further the experience, Boral implemented 360Activates XL3 holographic display to show unique 3D representations of the new Boral machinery. How about that for ‘wow factor!’


Boral Asphalt’s Virtual Reality experience provides their clients a first-hand appreciation of how Boral can use cutting edge technology to help them visualise and see how projects of any size are run. This is a VR experience demonstrating the resurfacing of an airport runway including showing the range of vehicles used to complete the processes of profiling, sweeping, and the laying and rolling of asphalt.

Within this virtual realm there are objects to grab, things to play with and tasks to complete, but you just wait for the exciting adrenaline rush as you look up and to your surprise a plane is come in for landing and it gets so incredibly close you can almost touch it!

You must try it to realise just how amazing this technology really is. Book a demo with us today.


As a perfect accompaniment to the VR experience we translated the whole resurfacing process into one of our XL3 hologram units as a complete 3D rendered animation. This shows Boral’s commitment to new media and technology and gave us an opportunity to show off how amazing this heavy machinery can look in a holographic environment.


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